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Flat-rate Advertising

We will setup up your advertisement on the eFacilitatorsCom webpages at the straightforward flat-rates listed in the box below. No questions asked. Don't ask us about click-thrus, cpms or page hits, and we won't asked you to pay the internet's going rates. At these low prices, if you get 1,000 or 10,000 visitors from the eFacilitatorsCom pages, you are ahead of the game. Order Now

We are convinced that we offer the cheapest advertising rates on the WWW. Everyone is welcomed - businesses and individuals. The only exceptions are pornographic and hate websites. Order Now

At these cheap rates we are still open to posting your advertisement on any specific page on our website. Why so generous? We are a web-hosting business and ads are only a side-line. Besides, we like giving back something to the internet users. :-) Order Now

1. One-line text link $200.00 /month
2. Repeat one-line text link
add'l pages- limit 5
$100.00 /month per page
3. Two-line text link $300.00 /month
4. Repeat two-line text link
add'l pages- limit 5
$200.00 /month per page
5. Three-line text link $500.00 /month
6. Repeat three-line text link
add'l pages- limit 5
$300.00 /month per page
7. Button (88x31; 2k; jpg or
$500.00 /month
8. Repeat button(s) on add'l
pages - limit 2
$300.00 /month per page
9. Banners (468 x 60; 7k; jpg
or gif)
$100.00 /month

Other button and banner
Email us at:
All plans pre-paid for 1 year. One change is permitted during the 1-year period. Text ads width approximates 100px -125px; font size: 12pt and/or 8pt; style: one line bold and/or italic. Your ad will be linked within 24 hours from the moment your payment is approved. Order Now

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